Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Reawakening

Playchess: 1205
Gameknot: 1316
Red Hot Pawn: 1225*
--> I just restarted playing RHP after 6 months off.

I have not had the opportunity to blog for some a matter of fact a new home and coaching duties with football really have kept me jumping (we did win the championship though...and the parallels to chess are astounding). I have made little progress on my dissertation...'nuff said. My chess is pretty neglected...I asked for PCT for X-mas but now the site doesn't work (!?!). I find it ironic that the debate between CT-Art and PCT is a minor topic right now in the blogsphere!

I have started the chess club at my school and we have 21 members so far. I spent some of my own money on chess sets (BTW...the football budget from the Booster Club and fundraising was $24,000!!) and a few clocks. It is very hard to get the school to purchase such items. Anyway...we will elect officers and gear up for our own fund raisers next year. Mostly though...we want to play and get new members! This week we will go over ideas for 'classical theory' and then perhaps begin looking at recording a few of our games the next week.

I am also looking into what it might take to begin/administer a website like Gameknot, uchess, or Red Hot Pawn for younger players -- one that is more protected and geared for middle school players. Mine will have teacher/sponsors that have been checked out and are responsible for the basic behavior of their students.

All in all, it has been great taking the time to travel around and read the chess blogs! As for me, the goals are the same...1400 by the time I'm 40 (next June) --at least in Playchess and Gameknot.

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transformation said...

welcome aboard.

good efforts, and best of luck in your efforts, and heartwarming blog.

david aka dk