Monday, April 2, 2007

A Long Winter's Nap....

This has been a very busy time for me as work, school, and home seeking took much of my time. I played heavily on Gameknot and RHP. As a matter of fact I played the maximum number of games I was allowed most of the time. I now have mixed feelings about the sites in terms of chess improvement. Perhaps many people do well with this but I seem to have clearly lost any edge I gained over the last few months. My play on ICC and have been horrid!

Blitz (5/12 or longer):
ICC: 837
Playchess: 1099
Average: 968
My goal for April 1st was 1025. I am clearly well below my pace (although I was well above this a month ago).

I think much of this has to do with trying to keep track of so many games at once. When I have blundered it has almost always due to confusing games. To be honest, I've seen my opponents do the same things as well.

Currently my wife and I are in the process of selling our home in Naples, Florida (anyone want to buy a great 1-bedroom condo in paradise? click here) and working on acquiring a home here in Atlanta. This has taken a long time...and I hate to use chess in an analogous manner...but dealing with builders and lenders takes a lot of the same thinking in terms of strategy!

Nonetheless, I hope to devote more time to chess this month and especially ICC where I can quickly go back through my games when I'm finished.


transformation said...

if i may please suggest, my last comment among a whole series of comments at my current post on my chessblog addresses what you say here.

less games at RHP but more focus, more quality.

i had ONE game last month. you know how much time i spent on four moves?


fifty+ hours. crazy? i dont know. but i beat a 1710 opponent. handily.

this is not to that i never play rapids or bullets. i do it all the time. but quality over quantity is the watchword. review of games, especially loses. careful, close review.

lastly, pace yourself so your wins are 1:2 that is to say, one win out of two. lose MORE. but when you win, it is against folks rated ABOVE you. so sweet the joy!

warmly, dk and welcome aboard!

Blue Devil Knight said...

Are you still around?

I threw in a reference to Vygotsky's 'zone of proximal development' in my last post as an homage to you.

Chess Teacher said...

I wish you success with your chess and your blog.