Thursday, February 1, 2007

Reconciling Both Marriage and a Burgeoning Chess Habit.

Just a few observations on my part...but perhaps others could add to this?! (or is that "!?").

I don't want to have my wife feel like a "chess widow" and I've went to a few extremes to show her how I appreciate her patience. I have found a few promising practices:
  1. Show "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and promise to work with children on chess.
  2. Start a workout routine between internet chess games. I gained a few pounds that I can directly attribute to chess. Now I am beginning a regime emphasizing a different set of exercises after a game. So say, two sets of push-ups, then a game, a few sets of push-ups, then a game, etc.
  3. Similar to #2...solve chess problems (for circle training) while on treadmill. I even have enlarged and laminated around 100 problems (mainly mate-in-2) for this purpose. Could this mean I am running circles around my competition? How about calling the session "circuit and circle training"?
  4. Avoiding humor such as the last comments on #3.
  5. Attempt to play people from the Philippines and then brag about how good they are (actually those on chessbase are almost always at least 500 to 600 points better than myself). My wife is orignially from the Philippines.
  6. Time for her.

Any suggestions for a spouse?


takchess said...

solve chess problems (for circle training) while on treadmill

My wife has outlawed this . I don't go fast enough while I move my pieces on the analysis board. i however have been lent some chess videos to watch while I'm walking 8)

takchess said...

also well worth the $ and good treadmill material to build tactical vision.