Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Surprising Change of Pace...

I've found a wonderful way to tone down the blitz habit. I (re)discovered this site, which is really Red Hot Pawn in disguise, on many other blogs but didn't seem to make any connections until recently (click here for my games). It has allowed me to play six games at once but spend a good amount of time digging into the positions...and has greatly limited my blunders. The irony of it all was that I had joined it a few months ago but now vaguely recall thinking it was boring. I didn't do a thing with it until now. I've continued my solid play on the site and even improved my ratings on ICC and Playchess even though I've probably only engaged in 4 or 5 games on these sites over the last few days.

Ultimately it is wonderful having the time to attempt grasping the details of each game and also more time to read other chess blogs (from the incredibly advanced to clubs [esp. in England] to people like me [or were like me not to long ago]).

Blitz (5/12 and longer)
ICC rating : 948

Play Chess: 1165
Average: 1057
Dissertation: HELP!

Plans: Continue with "303 Tricky Tactics"
I am thinking of purchasing: "Chess Tactics for Beginners" CD on advice from BDK's Blog.

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Nezha said...

hey, your comment was funny. haha.. i wonder what they said behind your back. Something like, "does he really love me?" hehehe..